Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing?

I can understand wanting that answer right off the bat, but let me explain that not every wedding holds the same requests. Each of you are different and have your own requests for custom packaging, wedding day needs, etc. It would not be fair to generalize everyone. Please contact me directly to discuss your big day or portrait needs. I look forward to chatting with you more about this exciting time in your life!

Do you offer Video Services?

I am a photographer, I do not offer any video services- however I do have quite a few I have worked with on past weddings and events who I highly recommend. 

Do you work with a second Photographer?

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No. I have been photographing weddings for the last 9 years, and I have photographed each wedding from start to end solo, with the exception of two. I do have a list of second shooters who I can contract for your special event when you book, or that we can add in if you determine that you will require one, but I typically work solo and will bring an assistant to aid in keeping the day flowing as needed. 

Where are you located and how far are you willing to Travel?

I am located in Parkville, MD and love the idea of traveling all over and exploring new areas for my portrait sessions and events! I love to travel and will jump at any opportunity to take on a new adventure! There isn't a single place that is off limits. Travel is billed quite simply- if airfare, hotel & or rental cars are required, you reimburse me for just those items.   

Do you have insurance & can you provide my venue with a certificate to prove such?

Yes, I am absolutely insured! I will absolutely provide my certificate of insurance for your venue, but I do ask for as much notice as possible prior to their needing this document so that I can be sure the insurance company has it prepared in enough time for your wedding. Please feel free to have your coridainators reach out to me to help you address this request as well!