Gratitude Sessions

Support a Small Business & Give back to our Essential Employees

We are all struggling through the overwhelming obstacles and tolls that the COVID-19 virus has inflicted upon us. I know all too well that it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and many of us feel anxiety about where the next few weeks and months will lead us, will our businesses sustain this, will our families be safe and will we be able to see them again soon?


Through all of these thoughts and wishes for a brighter tomorrow, there are people out there every day fighting hard to provide us clarity to those questions, that keep us safe, well fed, healthy, and making sure that we know we are not alone.


Who is an Essential Worker that you are grateful for?

In purchasing a portrait session with me, you will not only book an amazingly fun time with me to capture your session and supporting my small business, which I am forever thankful for, but you will also receive a FREE SESSION to gift to an Essential Worker that you would like to THANK during this hard time. Select the portrait package that you would like to purchase, and be sure to add the name of the Essential Worker than you would like the session gifted to in the notes. Tentative dates can be set for your personal sessions, or keep the certificate for a special time of the year for you and yours!

If you aren't in the position to purchase a session at this time, be sure to nominate an essential worker that you would like to see receive a complementary portrait session. Email me at with your nominations and why this special someone deserves a session!

(These sessions will, of course, be taking place AFTER all of this clears and the social distancing/stay-at-home orders have been lifted in the State of MD.)

Thank you for your support in my business and for all that YOU are doing at this time to make a difference in the world. Stay safe and healthy!